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Can You Be Healthy And Obese?

Health and Obesity

The state of obesity is definitely correlated with exacerbation of several disease states. Several systemic reviews and/or meta-analysis' noted that the state of obesity is associated with worsened symptoms and signs of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS),[1] Pulmonary Function and Cardiovascular Risk,[2][3] Asthma,[4][5] Obstructive Sleep Apnea,[6] Kidney function,[7] Schizophrenia,[8] Bipolar Disorder,[8] Alzheimer's,[9] worsened Breast Feeding potential[10] and heightened risk of Pregnancy complications[11] as well as preeclampsia,[12] and increased risk of Colorectal Adenocarcinoma.[13]

Several Meta-analysis' indicate that obesity is correlated with disease states and appears to be further correlated with worsened disease progression over time (when compared to leaner subjects with the same disease state)

Conversely, BMI appears to be inversely related to success of suicide attempts (although attempts in women only are positively correlated)[14] and the evidence of BMI influencing cancer survival during chemotherapy is mixed.[15][16]

The above studies establish a